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Rollerball Essential Oils

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Luxury roll on essential oil cologne/perfume perfect for your purse, travel, school, or home.  Handmade with pure 100% essential oils for a natural fragrance alternative.  Diluted for adult use skin safety.

Perfect gifts for the holidays, birthdays, favors, stocking stuffers, graduation, or baby/bridal showers.

Lavender Dreams (Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood)

Rosemary + Pine

Eucalyptus Woods (Eucalyptus, Cypress, and Tea Tree)

Wildflowers (Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, and Geranium)

Sweet Orange 



Tea Tree

Ylang Ylang







Roll On Information:
• 100% Pure essential oils | Aromatherapy grade
• Net weight volume approximately 8 ml / .27 oz 3.2" H x 0.8" W
• Stainless steel roller ball
• Gold product box
• Thick, smooth, corrosion-resistant clear glass with gold lid
• Handmade in small batches | Handcrafted in Tacoma, Washington USA


• 100% natural non-gmo coconut oil base | Alcohol Free
• Premium Fragrance Oils and/or 100% Pure Essential Oils
• Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Clean Scents
• Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Nontoxic

How to use

• Shake well before use
• Roll on skin
• Apply to pulse points (e.g., wrists, temples, feet)


• Careful when handling | Oils may cause damage to surfaces if spilled
• Keep out of reach of pets and small children
• The safety of this product has not been determined
• Be aware of allergies/ sensitivities
• Some essential/fragrance oils may cause allergies. Be aware of any sensitivities you may have
• Avoid contact with eyes | Do not ingest oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen G
I LOVE these!!! 10 Stars!

10 STARS!!!
I'm not huge on perfume because most are a weird concoction of some 3000+ chemicals and give me a headache and sinus trouble but then I discovered these roll on's that are free of yucky toxins and are safe pure essential oils!
The scents are AHHHmazing! I dab a little on before I leave the house and I smell nice for hours with just a little bit. I'm in love with the vanilla and I like it alone and mixed with other EO's. It's truly nice...if you're into the more perfume types the Cocoa Cabana is a MUST for summer and all year really and when mixed with the vanilla and or Palo Santo, it is heavenly and unique!
Ylang Ylang is a surprise holiday scent for me, not being a traditional scent for this time of year but I think it works! Of course I mix it with vanilla! Rosemary Pine could work too!
Give these a try. They last me quite a long time and won't break the bank or give you a headache!
(In my photo the bottle without a label is a mix of Palo Santo and Cocoa Cabana...TRY IT!!)

Patricia Jimenez

Great products!!!! Sells fast and customers love them.