How it all began...

Every year for the holidays I handmake gifts for my family and loved ones. 

I've made coasters, spices, infused olive oils, magnets, and most recently candles in 2020. 

I've always wanted to start my own business but never quite found anything I loved doing that I felt would be a sustainable business with the potential to replace my full-time income until I started making candles.

I've always made home and body care products for myself as I value natural and eco-friendly living.  I handmake my own body scrubs and household cleaners, so why not share my love for essential oils and crafting natural products with everyone? After seeing the pure joy my candles brought to my loved ones during the holidays and getting repeat requests for other handmade gifts, I decided to get serious about launching a brand that could encompass a simple and earth conscious lifestyle.

I started researching... non-stop.  Learning everything I could about how to make candles, essential oil properties, safety, marketing, state/federal regulations, and label requirements.  The learning never ends (and neither does the testing!) but I enjoy understanding more and more about how products are marketed to consumers and how to evolve my products for the better.

Rain City Rae's officially launched on September 14, 2021 and the fun hasn't stopped since.  My focus has been on using non-toxic ingredients with an emphasis on essential oils, crafting fragrances that compliment your living spaces without overpowering your senses.  I source my ingredients/materials from Washington State as much as possible to support local small businesses in the USA.  I use coconuts in many of my products since they have not been genetically modified (no gmos!), and are sustainable and renewable. Coconuts do not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow and are harvested by hand, supporting farmers and our Earth.

I hope you join me in my journey of crafting products that are good for you and the environment.  I encourage customers to upcycle/recycle all packaging, including the glass vessels and tins. 

I welcome customer input!  Please reach out to me with any product recommendations, including scents or specific products you would like to see in the future.  I want to know what YOU want!!

Thank you for being here! You are valued and appreciated :) 

~ Rachael