What is your shipping lead time?

Please allow 1-3 business days to package your ready-made order. For custom products, please allow 1-3 weeks for us to create and package them before shipping. Any order with a value of $500+ will be processed in 7-10 business days. These order lead times do not include shipping times. Please refer to your chosen shipping method for approximate shipping rates.

What's so special about coconut wax?

I love that coconuts have not been genetically modified (no gmos)! Coconuts are sustainable and renewable. Coconuts do not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow and are harvested by hand, supporting farmers and our Earth.

I use coconut wax for my candles since they have an outstanding scent throw and are clean-burning, meaning they produce no harmful chemicals when lit. Coconut wax is slow burning, meaning your candle will last longer than a paraffin candle. Coconut wax is also gorgeous all by itself and doesn't crater or look bumpy after burning like soy wax, leaving you with beautiful candle tops after every burn.

Can I reuse my candle container/vessel?

The candle jar/vessel is definitely reusable and recyclable. After use, freeze jar and carefully remove excess wax with butter knife, or place jar on baking sheet with tin foil in the oven on low (e.g., 180 degrees) and pour melted wax into safe container for disposal (e.g., tin can). Use a paper towel to wipe excess wax, wash with hot soapy water, and use goo-gone to remove wick tab. Reuse for storage or as a planter!

How do I connect with you on social media?

Connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest @ RainCityRaes!